Storybook limited bracelets are handcrafted in Orange County, California. Our leather is sourced from the oldest working tannery in the United States.  Our rivets were designed in Italy from our original drawings. 

We hope you love what we do. 


Things are looking up....

UP is one of our favorite Disney movies. It's a popular one and if you're a Disney fan, there is a strong chance that 1) you've seen the movie 2) you got teary eyed within the first 10 minutes 3) you love it. It's pretty simple. Disney knows how to tell a story, but one thing that we love about UP is the soundtrack. Ah, the soundtrack! Full of whimsy, beauty, and light-hearted goodness. 

So, our first week of offering handcrafted bracelets just came to a close. We are always so grateful for our customers, for the nice comments, for the feedback, for the orders... all of it. It's easy to get caught up in the fact that some people won't like the new designs or would rather see us keep making sandals (we used to be known as mainstreetsandals) but in the end, we like to focus on the good. After all, where should we focus? The good? or the not good? THE GOOD  :)

Just as we saw in "UP", we've learned that the goodstuff begins to happen when we get swept up in adventure, the joy, and the downright beauty of everyday's moments. Yes, the moments can be challenging but they can also be rewarding.  To us, it doesn't really matter if you're at home sitting in your favorite armchair or floating above a faraway jungle, gratitude is a necessary component to enjoying the adventure. Gratitude and good music, that is :)

Thank you for a wonderful first week! We are grateful!

storybook limited