Storybook limited bracelets are handcrafted in Orange County, California. Our leather is sourced from the oldest working tannery in the United States.  Our rivets were designed in Italy from our original drawings. 

We hope you love what we do. 


storybook limited

We grew up in southern California. We love the beaches. We love the sun. We love the succulents.  We love letting our dog run around in the saltwater waves.  Most of all, we love the inspiration, joy, and optimism that seems to flourish here. 

After failing at his first small business in Kansas City, Walt Disney decided to move out West and start fresh. Armed with a "suitcase and a dream", he set his sights on southern California. We get it. There's a bit of magic in the air here.

If you've been following along with us for a while, you'll know that we used to make custom leather sandals for Disney loving folk. The cold hard truth about owning a small business is that it is difficult.  After making about 70 pairs of custom leather sandals and deciding that it was either time to grow into a larger facility or reconsider the current business plan, we decided to hit the pause button and wait for some fresh inspiration.

Storybook limited is the inspiration. Our goal was to create something unique, simple, and downright beautiful at a reasonable price point. We hope you love what we do. With much gratitude,

-storybook team




Things are looking up....